Smart Work Order Management Interface

Client Background

BARC is a multi-disciplinary research centre with extensive infrastructure for advanced research and development covering the entire spectrum of nuclear science, chemical engineering, material sciences and metallurgy, electronic instrumentation, biology and medicine, supercomputing, high-energy physics and plasma physics , and associated research for dian nuclear programme and related areas.

BARC wanted to develop an web based solution which is required to streamline the work-order reception, planning, execution, and maintenance activities to enhance the satisfaction level of work and handle resource economically. This software implementation is for paperless operation of the work orders.

Therefore, a customized work order management system is to be developed to simplify a part of the whole process.

OTI Relationship with Client

Processing and monitoring of the work orders was getting difficult to handle by Reactor engineering division (RED) in BARC as there was no application to monitor the status of the work order.

Therefore, RED wanted to develop a management software which would be responsable for monitoring the status of the work order.

So OTI proposed the idea of Work Order Management system which would solve all their problems.
OTI Relationship with BARC

Case Study

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 Smart Work Order Management Architecture


Previously to mantain work order they have to maintain manual copy/regesters where inputs on the status of the work order are monitured with human efforts

So, the creation of the whole work order managent system is done. ​

Also, data security is to be taken into consideration as it is one of the major divisons in BARC


  • Searching for an employee based on his/her information
  • Downloading reports for all the employees.
  • Pagination to switch to a different page.
  • Sorting by clicking on the column name.
  • Downloading report for all the request forms
  • Downloading individual request forms
  • View of the generated forms
  • Pdf view for attachments attached with the form
  • New project form generation and update
  • Downloading report for all the project forms
  • View of the generated forms
  • Generating new work orders
  • Searching for work orders from the table
  • Generating csv/pdf report for all the work orders
  • Pagination to view multiple tabular entries
  • Sorting for tabular columns by clicking on the column header
  • Each single WO pdf can also be downloaded from the download button in actions column.
  • User can view the complete WO detail from view button in actions column.
  • The tag list data can be inserted by choosing the tag list file from the system by clicking on the “Insert Tag List” button.
  • Downloading individual project forms


  • Compatible / User friendly / Simplified
  • Continuous Tracking
  • User Management
  • Crucial data protection

Benefits against alternatives

  • A system that is flexible enough to store the data of the work order and track the status
  • The elimination of the process manually will effectively increase the work efficiency.

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