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Our Smart Connected Vehicles solutions leverages cutting-edge technology to transform the way we drive, making transportation safer, more efficient, and highly connected

Connected Vehicles Solution

The Connected Vehicles Solutions include different types of technologies and services, including cars communicating with each other, their environment, and a wider internet network. Such solutions use diverse communications protocols and IoT functionality to enable data sharing that helps to make the journey safer, more convenient, and more effective for drivers and their passengers. Connected Vehicles Solutions encompass a diverse set of functionalities, including:

  • Vehicular communications enable the sharing of vehicle speed, location, and vital information that enhance safety while managing traffic flow.
  • Promoting efficient transportation operations is vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, which allows interaction between vehicles and other road facilities like traffic lights and signposts with the goal of optimally streamlining the flow of motor traffic.
  • The concept of vehicle-to-cloud (V2C) connectivity allows vehicles to link with cloud-based applications related to navigation, entertainment, and any other in-car activity aimed at improving the driving experience.
  • Telematics Service allows collecting vehicle information as well as their transmission, providing remote diagnostics and location, and managing fleets, thereby reducing running costs and maximizing operational effectiveness.
Connected Vehicles solutions
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) uses diverse forms of sensors and technologies like collision avoidance, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control for increased road safety.

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In the automotive industry, connected vehicle solutions enable features such as remote diagnostics, over-the-air updates, and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication, enhancing vehicle performance, maintenance, and safety.


Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies utilize connected vehicle solutions to track fleet vehicles in real-time, optimize routes, monitor driver behavior, and improve fuel efficiency and delivery times.


Ride-Sharing and Mobility Services

Companies offering ride-sharing and mobility services deploy connected vehicle solutions to manage fleets, match drivers with passengers, and provide real-time updates on vehicle availability and location.



Insurance companies leverage connected vehicle solutions to offer usage-based insurance (UBI) programs, where premiums are based on driving behavior monitored through telematics devices installed in vehicles, promoting safer driving habits.


Smart Cities

Connected vehicle solutions play a key role in smart city initiatives by enabling traffic management systems, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication, reducing congestion, enhancing safety, and improving urban mobility.


Emergency Services

Emergency service providers utilize connected vehicle solutions to enhance response times and situational awareness by integrating vehicles with dispatch systems, enabling automatic collision notifications, and providing real-time location tracking during emergencies.

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