Microsoft's global, multi-model database: high scalability, low latency, ideal for responsive worldwide applications.

About CosmosDB

Cosmos DB is a highly scalable and globally distributed database service offered by Microsoft. It provides a unified interface to store and retrieve data using multiple data models, including key-value, document, graph, and columnar. With its automatic scaling, low latency, and multi-region replication, Cosmos DB enables developers to build responsive and globally available applications.

  • SLA-backed Performance
  • Automatic Scalability
  • Multi-Model Flexibility
  • Global Distribution

Why CosmosDB?

With Cosmos DB's global reach, multi-model support, seamless scalability, and SLA-backed performance, you can build responsive and highly available applications that cater to users around the world.


Global Scalability

Cosmos DB allows you to scale your database globally, ensuring fast and responsive access to data for users across different regions.



It supports multiple data models, empowering you to choose the most appropriate model for your application's needs.


Low Latency

With its distributed architecture, Cosmos DB provides low-latency access to data, delivering a smooth and responsive user experience.


High availability

Cosmos DB's multi-region replication ensures high availability, protecting your data against failures and enabling seamless failover during outages.

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  • Global distribution for low-latency access to data worldwide.
  • Multiple data models (key-value, document, graph, columnar) for flexible data representation.
  • Automatic scaling to handle varying workloads and sudden traffic spikes.
  • Guaranteed high availability with multi-region replication and seamless failover.
  • Strong consistency and ACID transactions for data integrity.
  • Built-in security features like encryption, firewalls, and access control.

What can We build using CosmosDB ?

E-commerce Platforms

Cosmos DB enables fast and reliable product catalogs, inventory management, and order processing for seamless online shopping experiences.

IoT Data Processing

It handles massive amounts of sensor data, enabling real-time analytics and actionable insights for Internet of Things applications.

Content Management Systems

Cosmos DB powers content-rich websites and applications, allowing efficient storage and retrieval of articles, media files, and user-generated content.

Financial Services

It provides a secure and scalable database for handling financial transactions, fraud detection, and compliance in banking and payment systems

Gaming Leaderboards

Cosmos DB manages high scores, player profiles, and game progress in real-time multiplayer games, ensuring smooth and competitive gameplay experiences.

Social Media Analytics

It stores and analyzes social media data, allowing businesses to track trends, sentiment analysis, and user behavior for targeted marketing campaigns.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Cosmos DB facilitates real-time tracking and optimization of inventory, shipping, and delivery routes for efficient logistics operations.

Healthcare Systems

It stores and manages patient records, medical data, and healthcare analytics, enabling secure and efficient healthcare information management.

Geospatial Applications

Cosmos DB supports geospatial data processing, making it suitable for location-based services, mapping applications, and geofencing capabilities.

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