MS Dynamics 365

Navision, another name for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is an easy-to-use program that helps medium-sized businesses all over the world better manage their resources. It simplifies a variety of chores and is simple to set up and operate, much like a digital assistant. With more than a million users across more than 40 countries, its industry-specific design guarantees that it's not merely a one-size-fits-all solution but rather a customized instrument for economical management.

However, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is a potent program designed for medium-sized to large businesses. It helps firms manage their workload, adjust to changes, and compete on a global basis. Think of it as a digital operations manager. Optimized Technologies, a Dynamics AX consulting company, leverages this potent technology and tailors it for.

MS Dynamics 365

Our Dynamics 365 Service Offerings

We offer a range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 services to help organizations implement, customize, and optimize their Dynamics 365 solutions.

Implementation and Deployment

  • Installation and configuration of Dynamics 365 applications.
  • Data migration from existing systems to Dynamics 365.
  • Customization and development of features to meet specific business needs.
  • Integration with other third-party applications and systems.

Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Strategic planning and roadmap development for Dynamics 365 adoption.
  • Needs assessment and business process analysis.
  • Guidance on choosing the right Dynamics 365 modules based on business requirements.

Customization and Development

  • Customization of Dynamics 365 applications to align with unique business processes.
  • Development of custom modules, workflows, and plugins.
  • Design and implementation of Power Platform solutions for additional functionality.

Training and Change Management

  • User training programs to ensure effective use of Dynamics 365.
  • Change management strategies to facilitate a smooth transition for users.
  • Ongoing support and training as needed.

Support and Maintenance

  • Continuous monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Dynamics 365 applications.
  • Regular updates and patches to keep the system secure and up-to-date.
  • Helpdesk and support services for end-users.

Upgrades and Migration

  • Planning and execution of upgrades to newer versions of Dynamics 365.
  • Migration services for organizations transitioning from on-premises Dynamics solutions to cloud-based Dynamics 365.

Integration Services

  • Integration of Dynamics 365 with other enterprise systems (AX, NAV, HRM, etc.).
  • Development of custom connectors and middleware solutions.
  • API integration and data synchronization.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Implementation of business intelligence and reporting solutions using Dynamics 365 data.
  • Development of custom reports and dashboards.
  • Analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) for informed decision-making.

Security and Compliance

  • Implementation of security measures to protect sensitive data.
  • Compliance assessments and adherence to industry-specific regulations.
  • Regular security audits and updates.

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Our proficiency in Functional Aspects


Human Resources

Get full functionality with salary analytics, position forecasting, reporting and benefits updates.


Sales & Marketing

Simplify marketing and sales efforts, automate sales procedures, and include intelligence systems


Financial Management

Handle your financial activities, including accounts payable and receivable, banking, ledgers, etc., with intelligence.


Modern Point Of Sale (POS)

Engage with a diverse clientele, back-office features, and real-time inventory lookup.


Warehouse Management

Reduce operating costs by automating warehouse activities.


Transportation Management

We optimize logistics, visibility in real-time, and reduce costs.


E-commerce and Social Media

Create campaigns and interact with customers on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.


Data Management

Boost data uniformity throughout your business and deployments


Budget Planning

Create easy-to-use budget plan worksheet templates for Microsoft Excel

Benefits of MS Dynamics 365

Smart Factory

Industries We Cover

Network monitoring


Smooth out tasks, oversee client connections, and improve production network effectiveness in the car business.

Application performance monitor


Streamline cultivating processes, oversee stock, and further develop store network perceivability in the farming area.

Server monitoring


Upgrade client commitment, oversee stock successfully, and smooth out retail activities for further development.

Website monitoring

Consumer Electronics

Enhance item inclusions, guarantee administrative consistency, and further develop interoperability in the shopper gadgets industry.

Cloud infrastructure monitoring


Smooth out projects for the executives, streamline asset assignment, and further develop cooperation in designing activities.

Security monitoring


Further develop item quality, improve inventory network perceivability, and smooth out assembly processes for expanded effectiveness.

Real Life Applications

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