Client Background

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), founded in 1959, stands as India's foremost state-owned oil and gas enterprise. With a dominant presence in the energy sector, IOCL excels in refining, distributing, and marketing an array of petroleum products through an expansive network of refineries and pipelines across the nation. IOCL's contributions extend beyond energy security, encompassing socio-economic growth through various corporate social responsibility initiatives.

IOCL wanted to develop a system that will be responsible for monitoring the energy usage of their pumps in the pumping station.

Therefore, a customized monitoring system is to be developed to simplify the whole process

OTI Relationship with Client

Monitoring energy usage is very important for energy savings. The monitoring system will also inform the user if the pump is active or not in the case when it is seen the energy is not being consumed.

Therefore, IOCL wanted to develop a system that would be able to monitor the Energy data for better decision making and increase efficiency.

So OTI proposed the idea of IoT based solution where the real-time Energy can be monitored
OTI Relationship with IOCL


Monitoring of the energy meters can not be done in real-time as there is no system in place to fetch and store the data. Monitoring the energy also let us know about the status of the pump(On/Off status).

Therefore, this whole system needs to be digitally operated with the use of smart meters, fetching the data and sending it to the cloud for analysis of the energy and real-time monitoring. ​

Also, crucial protection must be provided to the whole system at the hardware edge.


We have designed a flexible, and compatible system to monitor the whole energy data thereby incorporating the digital transformation by using various types of nodes and a unique gateway as a central hub which later sends the data to the cloud. ​

IoT NODES: To collect all physical quantities from operational technologies at pumping station, there are several types of IoT NODES deployed at the edge which convert the physical value into a digital value.IoT NODES have hardcore protection feature at edge for immediate action to avoid uncertain scenario.


Smart Energy Monitoring
Smart Energy Monitoring

OTI Node

Key Features:

  • 3-Phase 3-Phase current measurement and 24-bit ADC resolution
  • 5KHz Sampling frequency and 0.2 Class measurement accuracy
  • Easy to install with external CT for configurable current range
  • Industry standard RS485 protocol


Installed at individual motors to monitor the value and behavior of the drawn current. It collects all physical quantities from operational technologies at pumping station, there are several types of IoT NODES deployed at the edge which convert the physical value into a digital value.


This gateway works as a centralized element to manage all IIoT NODES deployed on the field using secure wireless communication. It has inbuilt user-configurable algorithms to take critical decisions and actions via NODES. It works as a key element managing the local as well as remote networks using Ethernet/WiFi connectivity, hence providing user configuration features for add/remove the NODES in the local network.

Key Features:

Efficient Processor: 900 MHz, Quad core ARM Cortex A7 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB on-board storage memory, 64 GB external memory support, ARM GNU/Linux Operating System, Wireless Local connectivity using 2.4 GHz ZigBee, Cloud connectivity using 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, 10/100 Base T Ethernet, Easy to install and light weight.


Works as an intelligent intermediator between OT & IT. Manage all field NODES using a secure wireless local network, communication for data acquisition, and control action as per configuration. It takes the dataset to the Cloud/Server for further analysis and presentation. We have integrated the feature for Manual/Automated operation depends on the situation.

Smart Energy Monitoring

Case Study

Let us create an IoT strategy, implementation and evolve your IoT solution.


  • User friendly / Simplified
  • Compatible
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Results driven data analytics
  • Crucial data protection

Benefits against alternatives

  • Our solution being an automated one eliminates the chances of human error, making it a very efficient, error proof system.
  • Rather than having multiple interfaces for data acquisition, analysis of the data, representation of the data in the desired form a remote access of data ;the client is now able to fulfill all these functions on a single interface conserving the time and efforts of the client.

Value Proposition

Optimized Technologies Inc. has provided an End-to-End IoT system with the help of customized hardware, cloud, and Web application software that can display all energy parameters on a digital dashboard.

By transforming the whole process digitally, the entire functionality of monitoring Energy usage, voltage, current, and other parameters has become very easy to monitor on real time basis and effective for the user.

Smart Energy Monitoring

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