OTI-IoT is not merely a system that allows you to manage connected assets; our field experienced engineers have carefully chosen the state-of-the-art technologies to build the most advanced and high-performing IoT platform that helps you to achieve below end-to-end journey. OTI-IoT is hardware agnostic which facilitates device communication and management, data storage, and app creation, while adhering to robust security protocols.
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Facilitation of device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols - MQTT, CoAP, BACnet, WS, AMQP, CAN Bus and HTTPS with deployment supports at cloud, hybrid, and on-premises. On data strategy, OTI-IoT incorporates SFP (Scalability, Fault tolerance, and Performance) at all the three stages of data i.e. Acquisition, Processing, and Visualizing.

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Industries We Cover



Automotive advances automotive industry accelerates with electric vehicles, autonomous tech. Connectivity transforms driving experience. Sustainable practices rise, redefining mobility through innovation, safety.



Engineering sector innovates cutting-edge designs, sustainable solutions. From infrastructure to tech, engineers drive progress, shaping a smarter, greener, and interconnected world.



Ever-evolving retail landscape embraces e-commerce, personalization. Brick-and-mortar stores adapt with experiential offerings. Technology drives seamless shopping, reshaping customer engagement.



Industry evolving automation, IoT, and AI optimize production. 3D printing and sustainability trends reshape manufacturing for efficiency, customization, and eco-friendly practices.


Consumer electronics

Consumer tech flourishes dynamic consumer electronics sector thrives on innovation. From cutting-edge smartphones to smart home ecosystems, AI-driven devices enhance convenience



IoT helps agriculture industry optimize farming resources, monitoring livestock health, automating irrigation, and enabling predictive analytics for informed decision-making.