ATE – ODU Performance Testing
ATE – ODU Performance Testing

Client Background

Havells India Ltd. is a billion-dollar-plus organization, known for being one of India's largest and fastest-growing manufacturers of electrical and power distribution equipment.

Havells, owning prestigious brands such as Havells, Lloyd, Crabtree, and Standard, operates with a global presence through 94 branches/representative offices and over 8000 professionals in 50+ countries, supported by 15 state-of-the-art manufacturing units in India.

Their diverse product range includes industrial and domestic circuit protection switchgear, cables and wires, motors, water heaters, and domestic appliances, catering to a wide range of electrical needs in households, commercial spaces, and industries.

OTI Relationship with Client

ODU (Outdoor Unit) testing is a time-consuming and Challenging manufacturing process that requires constant monitoring and manual intervention.

The task of testing is very vital as error in report not on lead to release of defected ODUs but also opening to various safety hazards.

Therefor, the idea to develop a automated testing bed is developed which will not only streamline the process but also reduce error due to human intervention.
ATE – ODU Performance Testing


The testing of ODU units being a vital process as productions quality and safety rating is based on it. Minor mis calculation or mis reading can lead to hazard.

Therefore, to make this process error free digital transformation and automation of the process is necessary. ​

This will not only helps in maintaining detail accurate data log but also reduce the error by human innervation.

ODU Performance Testing

The proposed solution will fetch the test data from the sensors present in the automated testing bed.

The data will be evaluated and the result will be displayed in the web-page and a graphical representation for detail data visualizations.

It also keeps the record of Items tested and the stored data can be access for a particular time stamp as per user preference for future reference.


ATE – ODU Performance Testing

Case Study

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Functions achieved

  • Summary of ODU testing (tested, passed and failed) in a defined time window.
  • Identification of maximum type of error.
  • Model wise error detection.
  • Durability testing of ODU’s against parameters such as temperature, pressure, voltage.
  • Above functions help Havells in identifying health of station number, ODU model, faulty Serial numbers and endurance of ODUs.

Additional points

  • Insights of ODU tested , Passed, Failed and Maximum type of error found.
  • Graphs of all the important readings (Voltage, Amp, Power, Temperature, Rotation Per Second of compressor).
  • Graphs are subject to filters such as timestamp, Model Number and Serial Number.
  • Alert generation in case of station failure, data integrity etc.

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