Remote Misjudgment Monitoring Solution
Remote Misjudgment Monitoring Solution

Client Background

The client is a global company focused on advanced mobility that positively changes how the world moves and contributes to greater well-being. They provide automotive service parts and are leading global supplier to all major automakers in India.

The client owns an Automobile manufacturing facility. The client’s customers include Tata and Toyota among others.

The client has a set of machinery that they want to monitor from a centralized dashboard and database machine change over data logging.

Therefore, a solution is proposed where they can line-wise monitor machine models (Model name, quantity, and person performing changeover) with monthly reports.

OTI Relationship with Client

On a day-to-day basis, the whole manufacturing process requires a lot of time and effort and continuous monitoring. The task of manufacturing is done with the help of a set of machines.

This whole task requires continuous manual monitoring at the location which makes the whole process very tedious.

Therefore, the idea is to develop a centralized dashboard and database machine change over data logging.
Remote Misjudgment Monitoring Solution


The testing centers at client’s facility perform testing on Electronic Control Units (ECUs), sometime due to various reasons, the testing centers make judgment errors.

Therefore, this whole system needs to be digitally operated to aggregate the count of these judgment errors against various categories (Line wise, Model wise, Step wise) Also, crucial protection is required for to the whole system / solution (hardware, communication and software) so that the value of the proposed solution is maintained. ​


The proposed system is designed to aggregate and present misjudgment errors. The errors are categorized Line wise, Model Wise and Step Number Wise. Line here refers to machine testing line. Model refers to specific model of machine put to test. Model number is NOT mentioned in the data but has to be inferred by Serial Number. Step Number refers to kinds of tests the product is subject, examples being voltage and current. The proposed system should restrict access to authorized users only (Login Management). The application should take the path of data (CSV files) or line server from the user.

The solution should accept the label-inputs against a particular Step-Number, store it and create a downloadable table.

Generate the log reports, about status of the test (Pass/Fail). The frequency of generating log reports will be a day/shift/week.

Every time the application is executed, it has to get the summary report (Number of units tested, pass, and fail) for the designated (previous week) week of the calendar. Email Notifications of the this, every time the application is run. Internet connectivity is required.Auto run function for designated time on Sunday.

Functional Flow

Remote Misjudgment Monitoring Solution

Case Study

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Value Proposition

Optimized Technologies Inc. has provided a system with the help of customized cloud, and Mobile application software that can handle and validate the functionalities of testing for Electronic Control Units (ECUs) on a digital dashboard.

  • Data Extraction
  • Data Processing
  • Data Visualization
  • Report Logging
  • User Login Management
  • Email Notification

By transforming the whole process digitally, the entire functionality of testing of ECUs has been simplified hence allowing the users to effectively monitor and analyze the whole process and overall plant efficiency.

Remote Misjudgment Monitoring Solution

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