NB-IoT: Remote Asset Monitoring

Client Background

The client was setup under the Department of Atomic Energy. The initial accent was on total self-reliance and the client was engaged in the Design, Development, Manufacture and Marketing of several products with emphasis on three technology lines viz. Computers, Control Systems and Communications.

The client played a very significant role in the training and growth of high caliber technical and managerial manpower especially in the fields of Computers and Information Technology. Though the initial thrust was on meeting the Control & Instrumentation requirements of the Nuclear Power Program, the expanded scope of self-reliance pursued by the client enabled the company to develop various products to cater to the needs of Defense, Civil Aviation, Information & Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Police, and Para-Military Forces, Oil & Gas, Power, Space Education, Health, Agriculture, Steel and Coal sectors and various user departments in the Government domain.

OTI Relationship with Client

The client was looking for Product Engineering and Solution Development Services for the requirement to design and develop NB-IoT based asset tracking system for a private 4G/LTE Network.

The client was tracking and monitoring all the assets working and present at their facility. Parameters like health, temperature, heartrate, location and other parameters were monitored and tracked.

This whole task requires continuous manual monitoring of asset data at the location which makes the whole process very tedious. Therefore, the idea is to digitize the whole monitoring and tracking process via collecting the data from specific module and representing the useful and meaningful information and numbers from collected data.
NB-IoT: Remote Asset Monitoring


The monitoring and tracking of the asset is done manually and all the parameter data was tracked and monitored manually as well. Which is very tedious task also there is a high chance of human errors because of human intervention done in manual work.Therefore, this whole system needs to be digitally operated with minimum human intervention for the simplified functioning of the whole process through secure cloud/server management.Also, crucial protection must be provided to the whole system at the hardware edge.


Our system employs an NB-IoT hardware as a centralized hub for asset tracking and monitoring. This battery-operated module manages data points in the field via secure wireless communication. Equipped with power supply management and an application processor, it facilitates local and remote network management, ensuring seamless connectivity and control.

Key Features

  • 3-Phase There will be antenna connectors for the cellular RF interface and the GNSS RF interface
  • USB connectors for the UART interfaces and the USB interface of the cellular module, also other header connectors ​
  • An optional card containing the Bio metric sensor modules like - Body temperature, Blood Pressure, Heartrate and A digital camera for picture sharing

Application :

Works as an intelligent intermediator between OT & IT. Manage all field data points using a secure wireless network, communication for data acquisition as per configuration. It takes the dataset to the Cloud/Server for further analysis and presentation. By integrating an application processor, NB-IoT chipset, RF front end (RFFE), GNSS and power management in a package, OTI propose solution will offers a compact solution for ECIL’s requirement.

NB-IoT: Remote Asset Monitoring


NB-IoT: Remote Asset Monitoring

Case Study

Let us create an IoT strategy, implementation and evolve your IoT solution.


  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Health parameters
  • Patterns and control visualization
  • Centralized dashboard
  • Customized and interactive reports
  • Real time alerts

Benefits against alternatives

  • A system that is compatible with the existing process for monitoring and tracking of data of asset on the map in the defense and space industry.
  • The specific NB-IoT hardware module used in the solution make the process more simplified by monitoring and controlling the asset and other parameters.
  • Through the application on the user end the user can monitor and track the specific parameters thereby getting to analyze the whole process graphically.
  • Time-to-time notifications and alerts will be prompted if there is any kind of error occurring in the process, hence easing the whole process by digitally monitoring it.

Value Proposition

Optimized Technologies Inc. has provided an End-to-End NB-IoT system with the help of customized NB-IoT hardware module, cloud, and Mobile application software that can handle and validate the functionalities of the space and defense industry on a digital dashboard.

By transforming the whole process digitally, the entire functionality of space and defense industry has been simplified hence allowing the users to effectively monitor and analyze and track the whole process and overall asset efficiency.

NB-IoT: Remote Asset Monitoring

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