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Microsoft Azure, is Microsoft's public cloud computing platform. It provides a range of cloud services, including compute, analytics, storage and networking

What is Microsoft Azure?

A cloud computing platform unlike any other, with more than 200 products and services included with it, Microsoft Azure offers a broad array of infrastructure and application services that help users build, deploy and manage end-to-end software solutions. Its computing, storage and networking capabilities are scalable, which means that companies can leverage the cloud to meet their business needs as they grow. And the best part is that it is very cost-effective with automated maintenance cycles.

Azure services span AI and machine learning, virtual machines, disaster recovery, data analytics, and many more. Microsoft Azure also supports the now popular hybrid setup, which links on-premise infrastructure with the cloud. If you want to accelerate your digital transformation and innovation efforts, backed by robust security measures that you can control easily, then look no further than Microsoft Azure. It is today driving innovation and agility across industries as we speak and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

Azure Architecture

AWS Deployment

Azure Consulting, Development and Deployment Services

    Cloud Architecture Consulting

  • Assessment of the current cloud architecture, if any and making recommendations, for either hybrid or cloud-based to enhance the efficiency of business applications and productivity tools.
  • Assessment of the migration process and chalking out the strategy that must be followed for a smooth and time-bound migration to Azure Cloud.
  • Continued support for resolution of errors post the migration to ensure that the process is complete and to monitor the status of the infrastructure for a defined period to ensure its success.

    Azure DevOps Platform

  • Deploy the right team, with the right tools and skill sets and following the right processes.
  • Ensure effective assignment, tracking and planning of future work is made possible with the Azure DevOps platform
  • Manage several CI/CD pipelines to ensure building testing and merging of code happens in the right manner.
  • Release management is also optimized, ensuring that they do not become disruptive to your workflow, making the release cycle more natural.

    Managed Cloud Services for Azure Platform

  • Robust security solutions for your applications and the identities of individuals (with continuous threat detection and vulnerability analysis) making use of Azure Security Center.
  • No matter your storage needs, all storage management is efficiently managed, ensuring data redundancy with the Azure Storage Explorer and Azure Blob Storage.
  • We ensure cost-effectiveness, efficient resource management and adherence to compliances with Azure Cost Management and Azure Policy.

    Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Help with replicating virtual machines in a secondary Azure region using Azure Site Recovery to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.
  • Automated failover and recovery systems ensure that businesses can get back in business with minimal or almost zero downtime.
  • Thanks to Azure’s global network infrastructure, we are able to safeguard the customers data and applications in a very seamless manner.

    Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications on Azure

  • Guidance on how to use Azure’s vast repertoire of services and solutions to take a SaaS application from development to deployment in a very effortless manner.
  • Maintain data isolation, security and scalability while assisting customers using shared infrastructure through a multi-tenant model.
  • Enhance functionality and improve user experience by integrating SaaS applications with APIs and accessing third-party services.

    Data Analytics

  • Get a powerful suite of data analytics services and tools such as Azure Databricks, enabling your business to analyze vast amounts of data and leverage insights to arrive at solid decisions.
  • Analyze data from streams belonging to different sources, ranging from IoT sensors to social media applications, using different methods to make sense of each type of data, each with its own particular characteristics.

What We Cover in Azure Consulting?

Infrastructure Readiness

Is your IT infrastructure ready for the cloud? What would you need to get there and how much would you need to spend to ensure that you are able to meet your technical requirements and your long-term business objectives?

Data Analytics for Insights

Run real-time analysis on multiple streams of data from a number of sources such as IoT sensors, other computing devices, websites and social media applications and garner valuable insights to help managers make good decisions.

Migration Planning

Should you migrate your assets from one cloud service provider to another or from on-premises to a fully cloud or hybrid setup? You can get an idea of all the costs involved through assessment of the data and the dependencies that must be addressed.

Application Optimization

Move individual business applications to the Azure Cloud after re-engineering them, without losing any of its core or advanced features. This will save you a lot of development and debugging time and enhance the speed of deployment.

Azure DevOps for Visibility

With Azure DevOps, harness the energy of teamwork more effectively with the platform, giving your team members full agility and visibility across projects and products. This will result in faster development and deployment cycles.

AI Built-in

Microsoft has provided developers and cloud architects with a very powerful built-in AI technology that will speed up development and optimization by a great degree. It can read and understand code, recommend the right resources to use and even optimize the final code..

Benefits of the Azure Consulting Services by Optimized Technologies Inc.

Faster Deployments

Design, develop and deploy applications to the Azure Virtual Machine in as little a time as 15 minutes. After successful deployment, all the available resources would be displayed in the portal, ensuring absolute transparency as well.

Seamless and Secure Integration

Connect with third party services such as Teams, Slack etc. in Azure DevOps, improving coordination between users, enabling release deployments on time and creating work items in their channels.

Effective Disaster Recovery

Worried you will lose all your data in a disaster or a breach? Worry no more. Azure Consultants can set up the Azure cloud platform for automated backup. The website can be replicated in a few minutes and an instant failover routine can be initiated.

Ensures Business Continuity

Have a business continuity plan in place with our Azure consulting service. You can avail our continuity planning services, data protection and advanced analytics options to ensure that your business can quickly adapt to any changes in the market.

Guaranteed Safety

Azure consultants work with you to make the best use of the Azure platform to improve data security, meet compliance needs, manage identities, and use continuous threat monitoring to foster trust and protection.

Ready Scalability

Azure Cloud offers unbelievable scalability for any application that you run. A million downloads and a thousand or more requests a second, it can all be done thanks to the elastic nature of the Azure cloud. And if you face any difficulties you can always go back to the Azure consulting service provided by us.

Looking for Azure Consultants?

Benefit from our 19 years of technology experience. Get the best Azure consultancy and development services tailored to your specific business needs.

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