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We are extremely satisfied by Solutions and services of Optmized Technologies Inc. for: Test Software and Integration with Instruments for 7.35MW Pump Test Facility, Test Software,and integration with instruments for Model Pump test Facility.Optmized Technologies has expertise in providing automated test equipment and solutions of top quality.

Manager, Pump Test Facility

OTI's Digital Transformation Services for "IoT SYSTEM: SMART AGRICULTURE SOLUTION" have brought significant value to IISS Bhopal's Industry 4.0 initiative. Optimized Tecgnologies Inc. (OTI) designed the software/IoT platform on AWS meticulously, ensuring timely delivery and cost adherence. Their innovative approach provided real-time soil moisture sensor data, enhancing irrigation scheduling and decision-making. OTI's high-quality performance makes them highly recommended for all scenarios, setting them apart as innovators in their field.

ICAR Deputy Manager

OTI's Digital Transformation Services have greatly enhanced our inventory management with the development of "Production control and inventory management software" by OTI. Their innovative solution streamlines ordering processes through intelligent backend flows, automating order placement based on inventory levels. Seamless integration with third-party applications like CIGMA further enhances data insights. OTI's exceptional support and value-driven results make them highly recommended for businesses seeking digital inventory management solutions.

Deputy Manager – Maintenance

OTI expresses deep gratitude to Optimized Technologies for their exceptional provision of hardware solutions and end-to-end development and testing services for "BM-PM Solution Integration Testing with Tablets." Their commitment to excellence ensured seamless integration and deployment, while rigorous testing methodologies guaranteed responsiveness and reliability. Denso extends appreciation to OTI's Digital Transformation, Purchase, Procurement & Supply Chain Management teams for invaluable contributions, fostering ongoing collaboration and success.

Engineer – Maintenance

OTI's Digital Transformation Services introduced a groundbreaking "Customized Software for Preventive Maintenance System," revolutionizing our operations. Their expertise and commitment to innovation significantly enhanced efficiency. The solution's real-time data tracking preemptively detects issues, while digital PM check-sheets streamline scheduling, minimizing downtime. OTI's high-quality, high-tech solution sets a new standard, making them highly recommended for operational effectiveness enhancement.

Manager – Maintenance

Denso India commends OTI for exceptional services in developing, deploying, and managing the Predictive Maintenance solution. OTI's professionalism and expertise were evident from meticulous project management to infrastructure analysis, ensuring seamless deployment. Their proactive data backup, thorough testing, and comprehensive user training underscore their commitment to reliability and performance. OTI's service exemplifies dedication to client satisfaction and efficient solution delivery.

Information Security Engineer

OTI's Digital Transformation Services have been exemplary in developing the "MISJUDGMENT REMOTE MONITORING SOLUTION." Optimized Tecgnologies Inc. (OTI) showcased a deep understanding of our needs, providing a smart rule engine for notification and report download features. Their passion, expertise, and professionalism propelled our Industry 4.0 journey, elevating our technology and product to the next level. OTI's rapid insights from data and seamless project management make them highly recommended for future endeavors.

Deputy Manager – Production MFG

We highly commend the Solutions and services provided by Optimized Technologies Inc. Their expertise in Commissioning Energy monitoring Systems, Upgrading Power Monitoring Expert V8.1 to V8.2, and replacing servers while reinstalling Power Monitoring Expert Software V8.2 has greatly satisfied us. We strongly recommend their solutions, reflecting their proficiency and reliability in delivering exceptional services in these areas.

Plant Manager

OTI's reports revolutionize testing, boosting equipment efficiency and production. Their application's visual data representation offers crucial insights, and its user-friendly interface enables informed decisions. OTI's AI-ML solution stands out for elite execution, recommended for operational efficiency. They ensure sustained success in AI and ML, offering transformative solutions for innovation.


OTI's Digital Transformation and Advanced Data Analytics Services yielded exceptional outcomes with the creation of the "Digital Changeover System Software for IoT Activity." Their OCR solution significantly improved accuracy and efficiency in data entry processes, featuring operator dashboards, Kanban, PCB data entry OCR functionality, and innovative algorithms ensuring 100% accuracy. OTI's application integration expertise further enhances their solution's effectiveness.

Senior Engineer – Production

We commend Optimized Technologies for their exceptional technical competency, service, and professionalism displayed by their team. We highly recommend them for delivering services at any manufacturing facility seeking high-quality automated test systems. Optimized Technologies consistently demonstrates excellence, making them a reliable choice for businesses in need of top-notch solutions.

Manager, Fuse testing

We are highly satisfied with the product solutions and services provided by Optimized Technologies Inc. Their team demonstrates excellent technical competency, service quality, and professionalism. We enthusiastically recommend them to any manufacturer seeking IoT-based smart asset monitoring solutions. Optimized Technologies is a reliable choice for delivering top-notch services in this field.

Plant Engineer

We would like to commend Optmized Technologies on the level of technical competency, service and professionalism exhibited by their team. We are extremely satisfied by the quality of work provided by them within the tight timelines. We recommend Optmized Technologies to any manufacturer looking for quality work and a professional and technically sound team.

General, Manager Production

OTI's Digital Transformation Services for the "MISJUDGMENT REMOTE PIN LIFE MONITORING SOLUTION" have been outstanding. Optimized Technologies demonstrated passion and expertise in solving our remote visibility challenges, offering a smart rule engine for notifications and report downloads. Their real-time machine health monitoring ensures proactive maintenance, enhancing accuracy and reducing downtime in PCB production. OTI's dedication and rapid implementation elevate their recommendation for future projects.

Senior Manager IT

We are highly pleased with Optimized Tecgnologies Inc.'s Digital Transformation and Data Analytics Services for developing our "REAL TIME SALES DASHBOARD MONITORING (CLOUD BASED ONLINE SHAREPOINT PLATFORM)". The dashboards provide real-time tracking, aiding our retail team in monitoring performance and adjusting strategies promptly. Accessible on mobile devices across various stores and product categories, these dashboards enable effective strategy calibration in real-time, enhancing our overall performance monitoring capabilities.

Senior Manager - IT

Optimized Technologies played a pivotal role in enhancing our technology and products by resolving remote visibility issues across lines. Their implementation of a smart rule engine for notifications and a report download feature was instrumental. We wholeheartedly recommend them for their expertise, professionalism, and quality-driven approach. Kudos to Optimized Technologies for their exceptional work and dedication.

Manager – MFG & Supply Chain

Optmized Technologies is Appreciated for outstanding contribution for Energy Monitoring System Installation and Commissioning activities. The team delivered the solution within given timeframes not compromising on quality and also providing excellent service. Optmized Technologies has successfully completed the EMS project meeting all our requirements and beyond, Thanks to their technically sound team.

Plant Director

We're highly satisfied with OTI's Digital Transformation Services for "OSA (On Shelf Allocated) Application Development." ODF appreciates OTI's invaluable contributions throughout the project lifecycle. Their expertise in SharePoint consulting, meticulous project management, and dedication ensured smooth progress. Proficiency in database architecture, development, and data management showcased commitment to efficiency, enhancing our SharePoint environment significantly.

Executive – IT

We're exceedingly satisfied with the product solutions and services from Optimized Technologies Inc. Their technical competency, service, and professionalism are highly commendable. Their expertise is particularly suitable for manufacturers seeking IoT-based smart asset monitoring solutions. We enthusiastically recommend their services to any manufacturer aiming to enhance their monitoring capabilities in the IoT realm.

Scientific Officer

DDFS extends immense gratitude to OTI for their pivotal role in our OSA app project. Their expertise in SharePoint consulting, meticulous project management, and dedication to excellence ensured seamless progress from inception to deployment. OTI's innovative solutions, attention to detail, and commitment to client success were instrumental in achieving our project goals. We look forward to continued collaboration on future initiatives.

Manager - IT

Optimized Technologies demonstrates professionalism, technical expertise, and quality work. Their Digital Transformation team excels in analysis, design, development, and support. We highly recommend them for their commitment to excellence and value-driven approach. Their impeccable service and dedication make them a top choice for any project, ensuring satisfaction and success.

Executive – IT

We're pleased to utilize Optimized Technologies' Digital WO solution in 360 degrees mode across multiple divisions, streamlining activities to enhance work satisfaction. We highly recommend them for their top-level technical competency, service, and professionalism. Optimized Technologies excels in providing solutions that significantly improve operational efficiency and overall satisfaction.


OTI's Digital Transformation Services have exceeded our expectations with the development of the "SPO Mobile Passport/Boarding card scanning" solution. This innovation has revolutionized our operations, enabling seamless integration with our NAV system, eliminating manual entry, and enhancing efficiency. The inclusion of MRZ reader integration ensures accurate data transmission, leading to smoother operations and improved customer experiences. OTI's expertise and execution make them highly recommended for organizations seeking operational enhancement.


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Optimized Technologies Inc. is an end-to-end IoT solutions provider, offering comprehensive services to businesses seeking to leverage the power of connected devices. We enable organizations to seamlessly integrate IoT technology into their operations, driving efficiency and innovation. With expertise in device connectivity, data management, analytics, and application development, we deliver tailored solutions that address specific challenges. Our expertise spans across industries, and our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service and support throughout their IoT journey. Partner with us to embark on a transformative IoT journey and unlock new possibilities for your business.







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