Live Sales Dashboard on SharePoint
Live Sales Dashboard on SharePoint

Client Background

DDFS has eleven stores including four core duty-free stores, one Indian gourmet store, and five specialty stores with an aggregate retail area of 4,135 square meters.

The whole task has an intensive, highly manual process to manage the dashboard for the management and retail team. .

Therefore, the objective is to move the process to SharePoint Online in a “lift & shift” manner making all the required customization to move the processes.

OTI Relationship with Client

The DDFS team was finding it difficult to manage the existing manual process of managing the dashboards for the management and retail team.

Therefore, DDFS wanted to develop their dashboards in SharePoint online using SQL. This was built on SQL on-premises, and the platform is now to upgrade in the cloud. As a result, they wanted to migrate and create a new cloud-based SharePoint online platform. .

So, OTI provided DDFS with a developed solution covering all their business needs.
Live Sales Dashboard on SharePoint


Live Sales Dashboard on SharePoint

Case Study

Let us create an IoT strategy, implementation and evolve your IoT solution.


Previously it was a manual process of managing the dashboard for management and retail teams.

So, the whole process has been digitalized and developed on SharePoint online making the process more efficient for the DDFS management and sales team by developing a live sales dashboard. ​

Also, data security is taken into consideration with avoiding any data losses.


  • User-friendly / Simplified
  • Compatible
  • Transparency between management and sales team
  • User management
  • Crucial data protection

Benefits against alternatives

  • An intuitive dashboard that displays sales data and gives the user a clear picture of what's happening!
  • The elimination of the manual process will effectively increase work efficiency.

Value Proposition

Optimized Technologies Inc. has provided web-based software that is deployed on the cloud to monitor all the sales data.

By transforming the whole process digitally, the entire functionality of monitoring all the reports can be implemented with great ease.

Live Sales Dashboard on SharePoint

Why Optimized Technologies Inc.?

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