Client Background

The client has eleven stores including four core duty-free stores, one Indian gourmet store, and five specialty stores with an aggregate retail area of 4,135 square meters.

DDFS wants to create an incentive structure and display them on SharePoint pages with all different parameters to check the performance using formulas automizing the whole process.

Case Study

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OTI Relationship with Client

DDFS wishes to monitor the incentive structure for all of it’s employees. In order to achieve this, DDFS came up with the requirement to develop SharePoint pages from the same.

OTI assisted DDFS team with creating the required flows and displaying the information using SharePoint lists.

OTI Relationship with DDFS


It was previously very difficult to monitor the incentive process manually.

That’s when the OTI’s solution architect team came us with an idea for the development of an incentive structure wherein OTI will be creating SQL Procedures and displaying them on the SharePoint page. ​

Also, data security is also taken into consideration as well to avoid any data losses.


OTI has achieved following during the development of SharePoint pages for the incentive reports -

  • Creation of SQL procedures
  • Power Automate flow development
  • SQL data manipulation
  • Multiple performance checks
  • Master emoployee data management


  • User-friendly/Simplified, Compatible and Crucial data protection