On-Premises Deployment

IT infrastructure hardware and software applications for your IoT setup hosted on the client’s site rather than in the cloud.

On-Premises Deployment

In an On-premises deployment all data and applications are stored in the client’s premises on their hardware and servers and their business is able to access this 24x7 without connecting to the cloud or needing any additional authentication.

Not only this, but at any point in time, you are free to alter the software and hardware infrastructure you have for IoT. This means that you not only have full accessibility but additional flexibility as well.

On-premises Arch

Our Service Offerings

01. IoT Data Storage

IoT devices generate a lot of data as they work continuously. How to store this data safely and securely, without any possibility of unauthorized access? This responsibility of storing data safely falls on data storage solutions and warehouses when deployed.

02. Edge Computing

IoT devices setup in the network need edge computing to communicate with each other with very low latency and to enable decision-making right then and there without having to transmit data over long distance in an on-premises managed service.

03. IoT Edge Devices

We setup edge device for IoT on-premises. These are sensor, gateways, controllers etc. These edge devices gather data in the environment (sensors), collect data from sensors and transmit the data (gateways) and enable decision-making based on it.

04. Security for on-premises

IoT connectivity requires understanding various networking protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP, and using these effectively to send and receive data over the IoT network. Ensuring every device is secure means not only a good understanding how these protocols work but also having additional security protocols in the office, which ensure the data is always safe.

05. IoT Management Software

Provisioning, configuring and managing the IoT devices requires the use of software. And the best part is that most of it is automated, which means that your devices keep working as they should in an on-premises deployment. Such software can also help you update each device’s firmware through storage disks added to your on-premises managed service.

Benefits of On-premises Deployment

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On-premises deployment of IoT in healthcare offers more control over patient data and compliance with privacy requirements, mentioned in HIPAA and other security protocols. The possibility of unauthorized access to any patient data is highly reduced. The same goes for healthcare equipment. No one can tamper with the healthcare equipment, as it remains behind an on-premises firewall, making such a system almost impossible to hack.


On-premises deployment for IoT systems can help manage the fleets within the premises of a technology park or a community centre where a lot of people travel and can get very crowded very quickly. It also provides accurate updates to customers waiting for a food delivery within the environs of the park, ensuring that non one else can eavesdrop on the communication sent to the customer.


On-premises deployment of IoT systems help manufacturing giants do predictive maintenance by monitoring the state of the machinery in real-time and even suggesting maintenance schedules as and when needed, and this is much more secure and private. In addition to helping understand the physical and functional qualities of machinery, such deployment also helps understand the quality of products, without the risk of letting this data leave the premises and affecting the brand’s reputation.


Retail will benefit from enhancements to the in-store customer experience. Customers can now receive personalized recommendations by coupling location access with IoT. It can also enable faster in-store navigation by the use of beacons. Your retail space also becomes a secure bubble, which is difficult to get into for anyone. All surveillance footage is sent to a centralized location within your premises, ensuring no unauthorized access or risk of theft.

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