Client Background

The Indian Institute of Soil Science (IISS) is an autonomous institute for higher learning, established under the umbrella of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India for advanced research in the field of soil sciences.

IISS Bhopal wanted to develop an IoT-based solution where they could be able to get accurate, real time soil moisture sensor data to assist irrigation scheduling on time.

Therefore, a customized monitoring system is to be developed to simplify a part of the whole process

OTI Relationship with Client

Monitoring the agricultural field manually on real-time bases is impossible by human efforts

Therefore IISS wanted to develop a system that would be able to monitor the accurate condition of the field for better decision making and in the future provide this system to every farmer to increase productivity.

So OTI proposed the idea of IoT based solution where the real-time moisture data of the soil can be monitored
 OTI Relationship with IISS-ICAR


The machines and the spare parts need continuous monitoring and previously the software that client was using was not an effective one.

Therefore, this whole system needs to be digitally operated with minimum human intervention with the use of IoT sensors to get adequate information about the moisture at a remote place for better decision-making. Also, crucial protection must be provided to the whole system at the hardware edge. ​


We have designed a flexible, and compatible system to monitor the agricultural field conditions thereby incorporating the digital transformation by using various types of nodes and a unique gateway as a central hub that later sends the data to the cloud.


This gateway works as a centralized element to manage sensor deployed on the field using secure wireless communication. It works as a key element managing remote networks using Ethernet/WiFi connectivity.

  • Efficient Processor: 900 MHz, Quad core ARM Cortex A7 CPU
  • 1 GB RAM, 16 GB on-board storage memory and 64 GB external memory support
  • ARM GNU/Linux Operating System and Wireless Local connectivity using 2.4 GHz ZigBee
  • Cloud connectivity using 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, 10/100 Base T Ethernet
  • Easy to install and light weight


Works as an intelligent intermediator sending data to the cloud for real time ananlysis of the the moisture on the field to get to the soil condition better

Functional Flow

 Smart Agriculture Solution

Case Study

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  • User friendly / Simplified
  • Compatible
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Results driven data analytics
  • Crucial data protection

Benefits against alternatives

  • A system that is flexible enough to be placed on the field to monitor the soil condition.
  • The specific gateway used in the solution make the process more simplified by monitoring the soil conditions
  • Through the application on the user end the user can monitor the specific parameters thereby getting to analyze the whole process graphically.
  • Time-to-time notifications and alerts will be prompted if the moisture level falls/rises by a certain level

Value Proposition

Optimized Technologies Inc. has provided an End-to-End IIoT system with the help of customized gateways, cloud, and Web application software that can handle and validate the functionalities of the soil condition on a digital dashboard.

By transforming the whole process digitally, the entire functionality of monitoring the soil condition has been simplified hence allowing the users to effectively monitor, and analyze the whole process and overall agricultural process.

Smart Agriculture Solution

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